Before we found our jewel in the crown for our big day. We visited a number of others.

Here’s a list of two of them…more to follow.

Waterton Park Hotel, Wakefied

Clearly its got the wow factor going on for starters!  I mean how many people get married on a lake!

Waterton Park
Waterton Park

As we drove up to it I could feel goose bumps imagining sitting in a vintage car alongside my father who was about to give me away.

But as I’ve just hinted it wasn’t to be.

The set up as of last January when we viewed it was two locations on the same site.

The more modern hotel on the main land – so to speak housed the ceremony.

The room we viewed would be set up with an aisle diagonally into the room due to pillars.

I didn’t feel it was right for us.

Moving over to the venue on the lake. This was the opposite of the first location and had traditional period features and seemed more promising.

We had a brief look in the rooms for the wedding breakfast and on to the basement which would house the evening event.

Overall we loved the setting and would have no doubt had gorgeous pictures but the ceremony room and overall decor of the traditional house needed upgrading.


Woolley Hall, New Road WF4 2JR 

Again, Woolley has the traditional entrance. A long drive leading up to a stunning Country House.

As we visited a tradesman’s conference but as they drifted back from their lunch we were given a tour of the venue.

The plus points for this venue was the fantastic ceremony room. It overlooked the grounds and had a big bay window at the foot of the room.


I also liked the staircase leading down from a ‘bridal room’ set aside to add finishing touches.

There is no accommodation here. That was a big one for me. With so many of my family travelling I think I hadn’t realised how important it was to have somewhere either on site or nearby.

The downsides of this venue we felt were the wedding breakfast room which wasn’t big enough for all our guests.

I can’t remember exactly but I think at that time we were considering 60 which would mean a through room.

We were offered the choice of swapping the breakfast to a rather generous reception room for the day but felt that would look odd and so after a lengthy discussion we ruled it out.

But I’ve just seen that the owners Wakefield Council have sold the venue so that could mean exciting changes ahead.

I will see if I can speak to the new owners to get the latest.