Brides reveal the 8 most stressful things about wedding planning!

It’s no secret that wedding planing is a time consuming business.

But research* shows that the average nuptials in 2015 took 970 hours to plan – that’s eleven and a half weeks spent planning for one day!wedding planning

And what’s more, the average bride took ‘something borrowed’ to an extreme and used approximately 7 1/2 weeks of work time (300 hours) wedding planning – better invite the boss!

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Brides admitted using office stationery, contacting suppliers over email, drawing up seating plans, searching online for inspiration and creating excel budgets as some of the ways they spent their working hours. 10% even admitted using the office postage system to send some of their invitations.

So with 270,000 weddings last year 81 million hours of work were lost to sneaky wedding planning.


It’s also not uncommon for brides to get planning right away to make sure they secure their perfect wedding, but it’s not all a three tiered dream.

The in-depth survey of over 5,000 brides reveals what the to-be-betrothed are really thinking.

The most stressful things about wedding planning:

  1. 65% said they hated spreadsheets
  2. 64% said they stressed about going over budget (and one in five did go overbudget)wedding-budget-facebook
  3. 61% struggled to wade through advice
  4. 56% said they had disagreements over guest lists
  5. 53% said family interference frustrated them (one third of couples even triedto ban their parents for being involved in wedding planning)
  6. 21% felt let down by a supplier
  7. 18% felt overcharged by a supplier
  8. 15% said they felt pressure to ‘get it right’ from others
  1. *Research carried out by Bridebook, the UK’s first free digital wedding planner.