The icing on the cake! 5 wedding cake topper trends you need to see!

We’ve invited the super talented cake baker Jo Robinson of White Rose Cake Design to share her inspiration on cake topper trends.

Not too many years ago it was fairly commonplace for wedding cakes to feature a tiny bride and groom as their topper. Standard. These days however, the world is your oyster and there are so many things to pop on the top of your wedding cake – that is, if you want there to be! Some couples I meet opt for no topper at all, preferring a crisp finish to the outline of their wedding cake. Other couples have all manner of things…

1.Bespoke Laser Cut Toppers

These are becoming more and more popular, with couples opting for their names, or “Just Married” or “Mr and Mrs” or “Mr and Mr” or “Mrs and Mrs” or even just “Love”, which is what it’s all about. These can be made of plastic or wood to add a rustic touch.



wedding cake

These can range from your traditional happy couple topper, which can be personalised to match hair colours etc, or Lego happy couples, or Sylvanian Families used as toppers as in these beauties found on the Natural Wedding Company Blog. These can inject a bit of personality into your wedding cake and bring a smile to your guests faces when they see!


wedding cake

Suzanne Oddy is a super talented designer who makes all manner of things, including stationery, wedding props to hire, signage and more. She sent me this fabulous arrow for a cake design I was working on. Doesn’t it look amazing?! Toppers don’t have to just be on the top of your cake


What could be cuter than mini bunting? Perfect for a rustic theme wedding or afternoon tea theme wedding reception.

5. Flowers

This would be my personal choice, whether they’re made from sugar or real blooms. I love flowers (I know, I’m a geek and  was maybe a florist or gardener in a previous life). A cascade of flowers looks stunning, and even just a few roses to the top of a cake can finish it off perfectly.

If Jo’s low down has inspired you to get thinking about how you’d like your wedding cake to look. Why not drop her an email to get the ball rolling?

She’s based in Holmfirth and offers free consultations to couples in an informal setting over a cuppa and erm…piece of cake!

And she’ll be exhibiting at Woodside Wedding Fair in Grange Moor on June 4 11-3pm.