Unleash your creativity with a modern calligraphy course

Beautiful handwritten calligraphy on crisp white stationary can set the tone for your wedding from the moment the envelope falls through your guests letter box.

And with the trend for calligraphy now a main stay for weddings, there’s a new wave of brides and family members keen to learn how they can add the skill to their wedding planning ‘to-do-list’.

With this in mind, we were delighted to join Yorkshire Calligraphy artist Sally Riches for her Modern Calligraphy course at The Box Tree in Ilkley.

Beautiful course booklets and name tags were laid out ready for us as we soon settled in to our morning of learning the art of modern calligraphy.
Sally welcomed us to her course and we introduced ourselves to each other, while enjoying the plentiful tasty treats courtesy of The Box Tree’s hospitality.
After a brief introduction we gathered around Sally for a demonstration of some ‘warm up’ strokes.
Sally explained Calligraphy is based on the principle of alternating thick and thin lines.
The effect is achieved through varying the pressure of your hand – pressing on the downstrokes, and going light on the upstrokes.calligraphy
We looked at letter forms, two different calligraphy fonts and popular phrases.
Sally was also happy to write any names we required so we could copy the letter joining formations.
Our informative course booklets provided practice sheets and a section to recap and reinforce what we’d learnt.
Other elements the course touched on included: faux calligraphy,  ‘trouble shooting’  –  pen splattering and how to avoid and essential tools – nibs, ink and paper and how to source them.
Sally added: “Guests love to see their names written in calligraphy – whether it is on an envelope that drops through the door, on an invitation or a place card to seat them at their table. It becomes a talking point, makes guests feel special & also provides them with a memento to take away from the day.”
What to expect?
This is a beginners introduction so don’t expect to be effortlessly addressing 100 envelopes after one class!
That said, this course has all the elements to set you up on a calligraphy journey with practice being key to perfection.

Sally’s courses are informative, social and at great comfortable locations.
They offer a chance to learn from a professional calligraphy artists at a leisurely pace to really dedicate some time to try to achieve a new skill.
Who is it for?
Anyone who wants to learn! I found our course was a great mix of wedding industry professionals, brides and family members.
Sally is based in Rippenden and her recent classes at The Box Tree in Ilkley. More details on courses will be popping up her Etsy page soon.
To find out more about Sally’s next Modern Calligraphy course check out her Etsy shop or follow her on Facebook.