Yorkshire-based Calligrapher Sally Riches has embraced the resurgence for the ancient art form for weddings.

YR Brides Editor Louise Lavigueur catches up with Sally to hear how a childhood pastime has developed into a flourishing fonts for her own wedding business.

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Calligraphy comes from the Greek κάλλος kallos  (beauty) and γραφή graphe (writing).

And it’s clear to see why ‘beauty writing’ is so popular with weddings.

Calligraphy artist Sally Jane, explains: “It’s great to see couples embracing the charm the handwritten envelope brings, paying more attention to all the final touches with their stationery – hand lettered place cards and wedding breakfast menus, fabulous welcome signs and drinks menus.

“You can even request a new script that incorporates elements from multiple styles; traditional weddings call for more conventional scripts while for a more relaxed event, a modern, laid back script could be used.”

Yet despite its relaxed style, modern calligraphy is still characterised by the combination of contrasting fine lines and thicker strokes.

“My great aunt who was an old fashioned calligrapher. We always did it when we went to visit her house as a child, so in that respect I’ve always done it,”said Sally.

“The trend now is for modern calligraphy which is free flowing and has less rules.”

She established Sally Jane Calligraphy 12 months ago, and has found that her services are called upon by artistic brides who love attention to detail and wants to personalise her wedding for herself and her guests.

“I’ve hand-written mirrors with signature cocktails or bar menus, designed name labels to attach to favours, used framed poems as table numbers.

“With calligraphy you can wow your guests with something completely unique to make your day stand out – these are the small details that make a huge impact.

“I’ve had a lot of request for gold at the moment and I can’t see that changing.”

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Sally’s designs are readily available via her Etsy shop which often becomes the starting point for couples to discuss  bespoke items as they progress through their wedding planning journey.

And for those who are keen to learn and put their own stamp on things, Sally runs an Introduction to Modern Calligraphy Course which give the basics and is the first step to learning the new skill.

Sally added: “The courses are a relaxed, fun three hour sessions where we go through the basic elements of calligraphy; learning strokes, shapes joining letters.

“Like any skill practice is key but it can be fun and relaxing and definitely rewarding to see something handmade.”

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Here’s what some of Sally’s customers had to say:

“We just wanted to say a big thank you for the wedding place settings and table numbers. We really do love them. They look amazing.” –Danielle & Neil

“So pleased with my beautifully addressed envelopes, gold lettering on navy blue – perfect!” – Katie

Sally is based in Halifax, West Yorkshire. To  find out more about her work go to www.sallyjanecalligraphy.com  or pop over to her Etsy page