You have your best friend’s wedding around the corner and you are the chosen one for the maid of honour? Well, then it automatically states that you are the most important person in the hen do, right after the bride of course. Ah!

We know it is a mammoth responsibility on your delicate shoulders along with all other things that you have to do to make best friend feel the best till the wedding happens. You have to run with her to all the markets for her wedding gown. You have to sit down with her and help her decide with the footwear and keep her calm when anything is getting onto her nerves. But most importantly, you have to decide the best theme for her hen do.

With this in mind we’ve enlisted the help of Off Limits Event Professionals who share five top tips for a vintage inspired hen do.

When you look it up online, you will get billions of ideas for the theme of the hen do. If you finally decide on to having a vintage style hen party, then we are here to help you decide what all you can incorporate in your hen party.

Vintage style makeover experience

The first and foremost, you need to get your girls ready for the vintage hen do. And that can only be done when all the ladies are dressed like the classic Hollywood actresses of the Sixties or Seventies. Arrange for a special vintage makeover experience that will make the girls feel just like the pretty ladies of 70s or any other era you choose to go back to. After all, no one minds a bit of pampering!


Photoshoots be the best

After all the ladies are dressed up in their dainty polka dot dresses or mini skirts, with golden curly locks flowing freely in the breeze, it is time for some photoshoots. Hire a professional photographer who can click the best of pictures that will remind you of the vintage era immediately. Have a photobooth constructed with props that are from the classic era to make it more fun.


Vintage drinks for bottoms up

Chuck the idea of the local beer and other forms of liquor and go for the vintage cocktails and wines for your hen do. you can also make your own vintage cocktails or hire cocktail mixing parties that can provide you with the service. What’s a vintage party if you hold a beer mug in your hands instead of a wine glass and chit chat in sheer sophistication.

Afternoon tea party is a must

Afternoons in a vintage themed hen do are meant for tea parties and muffins and cookies. How about going around the city in a beautifully decorated bus that reminds one of the bygone era. Afternoon tea party is the time where all of you can sit back and talk about all the time you have spent together. Think of the afternoon with tea served in vintage teapots, handmade cakes and cookies, served in dainty, flowery cups all presented in front of you.

Afternoon baking class with your ladies

If you have time and are interested in having a good time with your BFFs in the kitchen, then this is the best activity for you lot. Look up online for some baking recipes or instead, find yourself a grab a baking book and get to work with all the ladies. Not only this, you can go for a baking class that a lot of people offer. What is best, you can use all the treats you have made in your tea party. Who does not love cakes after all!

Many hen parties that are organised end up being another bar night, except only with your girls. Your best friend deserves much more. Give her the best party of her life in a vintage style and enjoy it to the fullest.

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