Chances are if you’ve not found your dream wedding dress but love reality TV shows then ‘Say Yes To The Dress’ is on your most watched list.
And if so, you’re not alone as the hugely popular TLC show has racked up hundreds of episodes in New York, Atlanta and Canada, and with viewing figures reaching 15 million before the UK version hit our screens in 2016.

say yes to the dress
Apply now for your chance to appear on TV show ‘Say yes to the dress’

The show’s simple concept features brides on a quest to find the perfect gown for their big day with the help of welsh fashion designer David Emanuel – famous for designing Princess Diana’s iconic wedding dress.

Unfortunately David isn’t coming up North for filming of this series and producers are remaining tight-lipped at this stage as to who will take his place.

But whoever does take the leading role, will be given a fact sheet that states her name, age, where she’s from, likes, dislikes, her height and dress size – and of course budget!

A huge part of the show, like any reality TV programme, is the ‘drama’!

SYTTD has this in spades and often features bride-to-be’s bustling entourage as tempers  flair with conflicting opinions on ‘the dress’ in the emotionally-charged bridal shop bubble.

Now, Leeds-based TV production company True North is currently inviting brides to apply to appear on the show which will be filmed in the North of England.

Whether you know exactly what you want, or don’t know where to start then they want to hear from you.

Brides looking to get involved are asked a series of questions which includes any thoughts on choice of style and who they would take with them to the bridal boutique.

Although there is no obligation to buy a dress, they are looking for serious participants who are actively searching for a wedding dress and planning to get married in 2019-2020.

It’s also worth a footnote that brides who appear on the programme don’t get their frocks for free or receive any discount. So, when you see them battling budget issues on screen it’s all genuine – it really is their cash they’re parting with.

If you would like to apply email or follow this link.