If you’re looking for an alternative wedding you could save thousands if proposals to allow lawful outdoor ceremonies are approved.
A review of wedding venues in England and Wales is set to be announced by the chancellor in today’s (Monday’s) budget.
It will look at lifting restrictions on al fresco locations, such as gardens and beaches, and temporary structures.

And industry experts say the more choice could lower the average venue booking cost.

Wedding professional Sian Chaplin has welcomed the proposal

Leeds based Events Planner Sian Chaplin explains:

“The majority of my couples are opting for an outdoor or DIY wedding which usually involves them having to get legally married first in a church, registered venue or registry office before heading to their reception venue to enjoy a relaxed and unique set up with their family and friends. There is the option to have either a humanist or celebrant at a non licenced venue but sadly at the moment this isn’t a legal process either. Having all of these elements usually results in requiring a bigger budget which is often why couples put off getting married in the first place.

“Hopefully the changes will improve this and enable couples to plan their perfect legal wedding day all in one place at a location that is perfect for them both!

“Non traditional weddings, particularly the outdoor kind are growing and rightly so, I’m so excited to see what the future holds!”

The move has already been passes in Scotland where couples have for years enjoyed much more freedom in where they can tie the knot.

Under current laws, couples have a limited choice on where they get hitched, whether they are having a church wedding or a civil ceremony on approved premises.

The review, to be carried out by the Law Commission, will examine how and where marriages can take place and how to meet the “growing demand” for legally-binding outdoor weddings.

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