Here at Yorkshire Rose Brides we love to not only share planning tips but reflect wedding industry changes and with this in mind we invited Celebrant Chantell Riches of Celebrations & Ceremonies to give her thoughts on proposed legal wedding changes.

Here’s what she had to say:

wedding celebrant
Wedding Celebrant Chantell Riches

Finally, things are being shaken and stirred as the day has come whereby the Law Commission are looking to review and hopefully, amend this law in order to help and encourage couples who want to be married, without necessarily having to enter into marriage with a huge dark cloud of debt hanging over them.

Currently, Celebrant-led weddings are officiated disjointedly to the legal signing of the marriage register. Celebrant-led wedding ceremonies have become more and more in demand with their unique and very personalised rites, along with allowing a less limited option to couples to marry indoors at unlicensed venues, or certainly outdoors. Existing restrictions mean that couples are unable to have a legally binding outdoor wedding.

For couples to legally wed, they need to marry at approved registered venues, which have to be solid, permanent structures with four walls, a roof and of course, the relevant licence. Not only does this limit couples to wedding venues, but it also drives up their budget due to various package costs.

My wife, Lisa and I got married at an outdoor venue. We had a celebrant and it opened so many doors to us. I said to my wife there was no way we were spending anything over £5k for our entire wedding. She, knowing how much some of our own friends have spent and knowing how costly venues can be, laughed – for quite a while.
Well that just made me want to prove it even more to her! The barn at which we got married, was not licenced, but this didn’t deter us at all. In fact, it gave us a better chance of hiring a stunning venue at a much lower cost than what we were being quoted by various other locations. The only unplanned requirement was that we still had to legally sign the marriage register at our local Registry Office.

Now, the thought of going into a registry office, can feel almost off-putting. It did to us at the beginning, because honestly, what exactly is pretty or appealing in any way about a Registry Office wedding ceremony?

But, of course, as this was required to legally bind our marriage, following our perfect Saturday wedding day, we popped into the Registry Office (in jeans and t-shirts) to sign the legal certificate and that was it. It took all of 20 minutes. Simples!

We don’t see the signing of our marriage certificate at the Registry Office as our wedding. The day of our gorgeous ceremony was that special day.

Celebrant-led weddings are pretty much as limitless as your imagination. There are no limitations as to venues – licensed or not, no time restrictions, no requirement to bring in religion – it’s your ceremony, where and how you want it.