With the average cost of a UK wedding now coming in at £30,355*, an all-time high, it’s not surprising that more couples are looking for ways to reduce the final bill. One key factor that often influences the cost of your special day is the time of year you decide to hold it.

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What many don’t realise is that there are lots more benefits to winter weddings than simply the price. But what are they? And how do you make the day one to remember?

Oulton Hall’s expert wedding organiser, Caroline Smith, explains: “If you have chosen to hold your wedding in the winter months you don’t need to worry about the reliable English sunshine to make your day special; it’s going to be cold, but you can prepare for it. Winter months create less uncertainty, so focus can be centred on creating the perfect indoor wedding.

“In fact, the colder weather can create a very romantic ambience. The winter frost and a light dusting of snow can provide the perfect backdrop for photographs, and early, darker nights can help to create a sense of atmosphere earlier on your special day. Try using candles to light outside walkways and end your day with a spectacular fireworks display.

Your wish is our command

“During the spring and summer months there is a large demand for wedding photographers, musicians, specialised vehicles and venues, but opting for a winter wedding gives you the gift of availability. With lower demand in the winter months, this makes it easier to book photographers, entertainment and any other vendors that you want for your dream wedding.


Dress to impress

“Colder climates open the door to a whole variety of different wardrobe options. From elegant long sleeve wedding dresses, to bridesmaids walking down the aisle with faux fur wraps or stoles – there are plenty of fashion options which will make your wedding stand out from the traditional summer event.

“Winter months also provide the opportunity to explore different colour palettes such as dark reds, browns, blues, rich purples, sparkling silvers and rose gold, which can be applied to your décor, as well as the wedding outfits.

Festive favourites for a unique twist

“Couples can also have a lot of fun with festive décor to help make their special day memorable, for example using snow globes or ice sculptures as centrepieces. One of our couples even had Father Christmas arrive at the venue after the wedding breakfast, ringing a bell to deliver presents to the children. This little touch created a magical experience for their young guests. Instead of having a horse and carriage, you could even think of arriving in a horse drawn sleigh – something that’s certain to be a talking point!

“Winter themes also lend themselves well to tasty food options – you can gift your guests personalised hot chocolate mugs and candy canes, as well as marshmallows to roast for a treat. The main meal can also incorporate festive flavourings, from cranberry and brie starters, to the traditional Christmas pudding dessert.

And to warm back up…

“Most people only take weather into consideration in the country that they are tying the knot in but marrying in winter months also provides the perfect time to honeymoon. Between March to October, the climate is ideal in popular destinations such as the Caribbean and South Africa. It also tends to mean an overall lower cost, with those marrying in the summer often paying higher prices because of the school holiday season.

“There are many reasons to considering getting married in the winter – it can help save money, but it also offers the opportunity to secure all of the elements to your dream wedding, including unique touches to make your day truly memorable.”

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*Source Bridesbook.co.uk