More than a third of women have said they would like to be proposed to on Valentine’s day!

Yes, although some may say it’s a bit cheesy to get engaged on arguably the most romantic day of the year to get engaged – it turns out  ladies like our significant others to be nothing but predictable when it comes to popping the question.


The survey carried out by Bridebook, the UK’s first free digital wedding planner,  77% of brides said they would have liked to have been proposed to on the most romantic day of the year. This was closely followed by Christmas Day (70%), a holiday abroad (61%) and New Year’s Eve (54%).

Whilst Valentine’s day is associated with romance, other traditions were being broken.

For example, more than half of couples uploaded a selfie of their special moment ‘she said yes’ last year (55%), nearly the same amount as asked the father of the bride’s permission (56%) and one in three chose not to get down on one knee.

But before we all get swept away in the romance of Valentine’s day 2019, it would appear couples are delaying their actual wedding in order to get on the property ladder.

Rising living costs

A different survey found almost three-quarters of couples living in the UK are choosing to postpone their wedding or even their engagement in order to get on the housing ladder first.

With average house prices reaching almost £200,000 in England and Wales and well over £500,000 in London, saving for a deposit and repaying a mortgage mean most couples have little or no spare income to save for a wedding.