A survey of over 5,000 engaged couples has shown 41% of them will or have spent
10k on their wedding day.
The breakdown reveals 35% will throw between 10k and 20k behind their nuptial celebrations, 6% spending 20k plus and 15% spending just 5k.

The data, released by WED2B, confirms theres’s no sign of the wedding industry slowing down.

Furthermore the survey revealed that weddings are no longer perceived by couples as an event that should follow a traditional format.
Results from the survey suggest brides are more creative in their planning, which ensures their wedding day is tailored to their taste.

More brides-to-be are opting for unique cakes, such as those made from donuts or cheese. In some cases, couples are even choosing to spend more on a wedding theme, from Disney to Winter Wonderlands.

•81% of brides prefer longer engagements
•Brides spend 2-3 times more on spring & summer weddings
•26-45 year olds are more likely to have their wedding abroad
•35% of brides prefer an A-line gown

Todd Cassidy, Managing Director of WED2B, had this to say about the survey: “It’s great to see even more brides taking part in this year’s survey. It’s our mission at WED2B to provide survey results each year that are both useful for brides-to-be and informative for the wider wedding industry.”

Results from the survey have been published in The Wedding Survey 2018 Report released in February 2019.

Here’s some more details courtesy of the from Wed2B’s report.
WED2B Wedding Survey 2018