If you’ve just got engaged and are yet to choose your bride-tribe we’ve got news for you!

A recent survey conducted by Hen Heaven 62% of women said that they think it is stressful choosing bridesmaids.

Despite this, only 39% of women said that they would feel obliged to ask family members to be a bridesmaid even if they did not want to. The three most important qualities when choosing a bridesmaid were…

1. Reliable
2. Trustworthy
3. Organised

54% of women said that they would consider having their bridesmaids wear something other than dresses.

In addition to this, 76% of women said they would consider having men in their bridal party (e.g. as ‘bridesmen’ or ‘man of honour’).

In a similar way, 73% of women said they would consider inviting friends of the opposite sex on their hen weekend.

Interestingly, despite these opinions indicating that there has been a shift away from tradition, 75% said they did not think bridesmaids wearing the same dresses was outdated.

Other key findings in the survey include:

Out of all the women surveyed, only 0.85% had been a bridesmaid more than four times.
Most women who opted to take part in the survey had only been a bridesmaid once.

40% of women surveyed said they would be offended if the bride had asked them to pay for a bridesmaid dress that she had chosen for them to wear

85% of women said they would not ask their bridesmaids to pay for address that they chose for them to wear.

The survey was carried out by Hen Heaven who are travel consultants specialising in all aspects of Uk and abroad hen parties.

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