The blissful feeling after you say “YES!” to that proposal soon starts to fade after the reality of planning a wedding starts to take hold.

The results of a survey* found that 96% of newlyweds and engaged couples thought planning a wedding was stressful. It may seem like a mammoth task (and it probably is!) but with our surprising tips for stress-free wedding planning, you don’t have to fall victim of sleepless nights and anxious days.

Why wedding planning can be stressful
It might be a day you’ve looked forward to for years, and getting it just so is no small ask. Creating a wedding day that reflects you both and your relationship takes time and effort – things that might be in short supply when you’re holding down a full-time job, paying bills and trying to have a life.

Ensuring each detail has been thought through, sticking to budget, and managing mini crises can all add to the stress of wedding planning. There are countless decisions to make, arrangements to consider and people involved whose feelings you don’t want to step on. But you don’t have to get caught up in the stress of planning a wedding to make your big day go as planned, have a look at our steps to stress-free wedding planning.

Steps to reducing the stress of wedding planning

Know What You Want
It sounds easy right – you want a wedding! Conveying exactly how you’d like your wedding day to look and feel to countless suppliers can be daunting. Rather than explaining what you mean by rockstar chic meets classical elegance, you’ll do better to create a mood board of themes, colours and ideas that you like. To avoid disagreements with your spouse to be, get them involved too.

Seek Expert Help
Hiring a wedding planner might seem like an unnecessary expense at first. When you’re up to your eyeballs in flaky suppliers, delayed deliveries and hundreds of wedding favours that still need bagging, you’ll wonder why you didn’t. A good planner will save you time, money and stress, they’ll listen to your ideas and helping you to create your perfect day.

Get Enough Sleep
Getting enough sleep is essential for your physical and mental health. There’s a lot to do when planning a wedding and sleep fogged minds won’t be able to cope with some of the decisions you may have to make. Commit to getting enough sleep and you’ll reduce your stress as well as improve your outlook and appearance.

Talk It Through
If the planning is getting you down, take to a close friend or your fiancé. A problem shared is a problem halved. Things don’t seem quite so difficult when we get them off our chest and into the open.

Work it Out
Exercise can reduce stress and give us a healthy break from all the wedding admin that needs doing. The endorphins released during exercise will leave you feeling happier and able to tackle the next task on your to do list for the wedding. Exercise routines can be as gentle or as intense as you like, both will help improve your mind and body.

Planning a wedding needn’t be a stressful time. Taking things one step at a time, prioritising your health and mental wellbeing, and remaining open about it all with your partner and friends can even help it become an experience that strengthens your relationship.

*Source Zola
Guest Contributor @elisemthewriter
Image Credit: Pexels