If you’re planning a whimsical wedding this mini-shoot will give you fabulous inspiration.

Think enchanted forest or Midsummer Night’s Dream for a celestial celebration of unparalleled beauty to wwow your guests.

And for Lincolnshire-based designer Zoe White her passion for creating handmade fairy wings and other items has burst into the wedding scene.

Zoe said: “These Zena fairy wings are an improved and more whimsical version of my simpler styled wings. They have three movable panels on each side and have an “other worldly” celestial vibe.”

So which brides would Zoe’s creations suit?

“They are very popular with brides who want to look ethereal and for their day to be full of fantasy! Attachments can be custom designed to suit every dress type including strapless options.

“Designed with movement and comfort in mind so you can wear your wings all day and night!”