Get the vintage bridal look with home made accessories

So after delving into the depths of wedding hair accessories I decided on making my own!

Firstly down to the cost. I couldn’t justify the £200 that I would have to shell out for the ones I loved. Secondly I love a challenge.

Now I will admit, I’m not a complete newbie. I’ve made tiaras and fascinators before, but the thought of making the one knowing that people knew that it was my ‘thing’ worried me. In fact it was halfway through my project that I had a wobble and ordered this gorgeous Jenny Packham Stellina  hair comb.

It arrived and although it was beautiful it had a stone missing and it completely ruined the fantasy for me.

So I sent it back and saved myself a tidy sum!

Sparkle: Homemade bridal style
Elegant: Vintage detail look stunning
All I knew was that I wanted it to look like the swoon worthy pictures I’d seen on the models on Pinterest. I ordered my guipure lace from eBay, it was listed as white Ivory – a bit of a non colour really! But when it arrived, it was in my opinion just white!
So I set out to make it vintage looking by adding pearls, crystals, beads and tulle.
It was really time-consuming, as I’m a self-confessed perfectionist. I added my wedding colours and then removed them. I put crystals in places I didn’t like and had to start again. I even had to re-enforce it underneath with wire as it became too heavy and wouldn’t lay flat.
However, I loved the final product!
I even went on to make two matching ones for my maid of honour and bridesmaid. Both very different but complementary.
Gorgeous: Karina’s finished hair slide
For DIY wedding projects my advice would be, don’t be afraid to start something, hate it and have to start over.
It’s all part of the process.

Wearing something you made on your big day will give you a massive sense of accomplishment, plus something really pretty for your dresser after!

Coming soon:  A step-by-step guide on how to make Karina’s vintage hair accessories. Get your glue guns ready ladies!