So you’ve got engaged! Congratulations!

First off, relax. Breathe. Have a cup of tea. And a dance around the living room shouting I’m engaged, if it helps! (Oh, you’ve already done that!)

Right, whether you’ve been planning your wedding for two days or ten years it goes without saying that it’s gonna be a special one whatever happens.

That said, I personally found that researching my wedding for August 2014 could have been a whole lot smoother if I had more advice.

So now I want to share my new found wedding knowledge and stop you turning into a Bridezilla in the process.

For starters I know exactly how many shades of pink cravats they make and can also advise on how to politely tell your sister-in-law-to-be she can’t wear white to your wedding…

I hope you find my wedding blog useful and be sure to check out the Real Yorkshire Weddings tab on the top of this page.

What better way to be inspired than to see others tie the knot!

Happy planning!