Michelle & Kevan’s wedding

After eight years together Kevan had plenty of time to build up to his proposal.

michelle & kev 14 So when he planned a surprise trip to Michelle’s favourite city, Rome, in 2013 there was everything to play for! His preparations paid off and he popped the question over a gorgeous balcony overlooking the romantic city. And of course, Kev had let all their family and friends in on his plans so they were all waiting for the phone call back home. It’s a good job she said yes! The happy couple then set about planning their big day. They had a spreadsheet for everything but there were a few stressful evenings as the big day approached. They drafted in friends and family for the finishing touches with Michelle’s brother David and his wife (chief bridesmaid) Steph who amongst other things created an amazing table plan.  They also had numerous friends making pom poms until the early hours of the morning! Michelle and Kevan got married at St Nicholas Catholic Church in Leeds – the same church Michelle’s parents got married 30 years earlier. They even tried to recreate a couple of the photos from their wedding. They then captured their day in the stunning grounds of Temple Newsham before a marquee reception at Colton Institute Sports and Social Club.

Here’s what Michelle and Kevan had to say about their wedding:

The Venue Our reception was held at  a special place for us both. Michelle’s brother used to play cricket there, her dad still looks after the cricket pitch, her mum is captain of the bowls team and we regularly socialise there as a family. It was great to spend our day in such a familiar environment yet at the same time the marquee transformed it completely. That is one of the nice things about having a marquee, it is like you have a special place created just for your day and the following day it is gone, never to return. A moment captured in time. The Ceremony The ceremony was at 12.30pm and for once in her life Michelle was on time! We had 124 guests for the day with another 80(ish) for the night. We decided not to invite children other than Kev’s nephews who came over from Germany.  This was a really tough choice, and one we agonised long and hard over as a lot of our friends have children but in the end we decided against it, partly because Michelle works in a school and spends every day with children. The Dresses We were quite lucky with the dresses and this was one of the first jobs that we crossed off our list. Before finding my dress I tried on about seven others which wasn’t too bad.  I was expecting the search to be a long and painful process but Sam at Broughton’s Brides in Garforth suggested that I try this one on and as soon as I did I knew it was the one for me.  We made a number of alterations to make it perfect for me but I loved it instantly. I knew my colour scheme for bridesmaid dresses and had a style in mind too 50s, I wanted a fairly traditional shape but was also looking for the extra bit of unusual detail to make them stand out (which I think we managed to achieve with the backs)  so it was just a case of finding dresses that I thought would suit the bodyshapes of the three bridesmaids. Luckily they are all beautiful girls and they managed to pull it off. The Photographer We met Kev from Image-I-Nation at Wentworth House and saw one of his albums which we loved it straight away.  We had discussed what type of photos we wanted and had agreed that we wanted them to be fun and less traditional than what you might see at other weddings. We knew that we wanted to our guests to have a great time on the day and we were hoping that the photos would reflect that and they absolutely do.  Kev is a star, he is completely bonkers but that is what you need, he made everyone feel relaxed and we have got some fantastic, natural shots as a result. The Cake We found Gayle at ‘Where The Ribbon Ends’ through my dad who knew her from work and, in passing, she mentioned that she made wedding cakes.  We checked her out on Facebook and her some of the cakes that she had created were amazing so we invited her around for a coffee, chatted about some ideas for designs based on our Autumn theme and after about half an hour she knew exactly the kind of effect we were looking for and went away and produced the stunning cake that we saw on the day. She is so talented I think she will become one of the top cake designers in Yorkshire. Words of Wisdom for couples… Stick to your guns!  I knew from the very start that I wanted an autumnal theme because I just love that time of year with the vibrant orange and  red colours.  There were lots of times when I could have compromised on this either for ease or to save money but I if one thing didn’t work or cost too much I found a different way of doing it. One of the best decisions I made was to ask my friend Hazel to act as a co-ordinator on the day and she was fantastic. It meant that I didn’t have to worry about anything, it turned out that there were lots of minor things happening through the day that I was oblivious to as she just sorted it out there and then with no fuss.
On the day itself it is important to remember that it is your day.  Without wanting to sound selfish this is your one chance to feel like a princess and you shouldn’t get too caught up in what other people are doing and whether they are enjoying themselves. Eat, drink, dance and appreciate the day for what it is, everything else will fall in to place if you have planned well.
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