Vintage Wedding Dress: Style Feature

Ever considered a bespoke vintage wedding dress?

Vyn John is a vintage wedding dress label which designs stunning gowns to suit a brides every whim.

The Sheffield-based business was born out of a friends sheer  frustration at not being able to find a vintage dress which fitted and felt perfect.

Since then, Melvyn – a self-taught dress-maker and designer – and his partner Renaldo, have launched couture wedding label Vyn John.

And Melvyn’s passion for designing came from a young age when he hand-made clothes for his own Action Man!

But his sewing and creativity have come a long way since then and in June the talented pair set up a studio in a 16th century cottage – a  former cow shed!

Melvyn is the seamstress and designer and Renaldo is a pattern cutter and handles the digital side of things. Melvyn said: “We wanted to do something different. So we began collecting vintage dress patterns and re-draft them.

“Three years ago I made a wedding dress for a friend. It had a lace basque on gold detailed fabric with a fish tail skirt.

“I’d made a few bridesmaid dresses before but that was in the 80s so they couldn’t have been more different! After my first wedding dress, it was about a year before I made another one and the business evolved from there.

“All of the dress designs are made from original patterns from the 20s, 30s and 50s and 60s.”

And Vyn John is keen to offer brides hunting for a bespoke vintage wedding dress at a fraction of the cost of London counterparts.

Melvyn added:“Everything is about the brides requirements.

“We have sample dresses in our studio and ask brides to bring a friend when they come and look around.We can then take the sample dresses to gain inspiration and to try.

“A bride can either choose from sample dresses  – perhaps adding or taking away a detail here and there to maintain originality, or choose a design from the archive of patterns – which is made up and fitted to the bride irrespective of her size or shape.vyb logo

“A bespoke vintage wedding dress starts from £1,500. We are completely flexible. Our ethos is we want our brides to leave us happy with every aspect of their dress.

“If that means they want to come for a fitting on an evening, or for us to travel to you, then we will do our best to accommodate requests.

“The price of the dress reflects the workmanship involved, the different materials doesn’t really affect the cost that much.”

Gatsby Trend

careymulligan_2550464b (1)

He added:“There is a lot of focus on vintage trends inspired by TV and film.

“After The Great Gatsby came out I had requests for 1920s dresses. Downton Abbey has also inspired wedding trends.

“I think its safe to presume there is nothing new in bridal style. “Things run in continuous circles.

“I love the 1920s, I was a freelance theatre costume designer, so that comes through for me in that period.”

And it’s not just about the Brides either.

Melvyn can custom alter suits to ensure grooms are entirely comfortable as their gorgeous other halves!

“A bespoke suit is out of reach for lots of grooms but to have a suit altered is a more affordable option”.

For more information on Vyn John call  07710 251 436.